Childbirth is a miraculous process, and most of the time everything goes smoothly. 

But delivering a baby is a serious event, and sometimes complications do occur.

One complication is abnormal bleeding following delivery, also known as postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). PPH can be stopped with medication or massage of the uterus, but sometimes more invasive measures are required. This hospital is part of a clinical study of a new approach that may help avoid surgery or more invasive measures.


This new tool, the Jada™ System for postpartum hemorrhage control, is an investigational device that may be able to control abnormal bleeding faster than other currently available devices that are sometimes used when medication or massage does not work. If you plan to deliver at this hospital, you can be evaluated before your delivery to find out if you are eligible to participate. Most women will not have abnormal bleeding after childbirth, but since it’s impossible to know until after the delivery, all expecting mothers may be approached about the study.

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CAUTION: Investigational Device. Limited by U.S. law to investigational use.

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