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CAUTION: Investigational Device. Limited by U.S. law to investigational use.

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About Alydia Health

In 2010, two biomedical engineering students at Cal Poly decided to enter a competition to design an improved PPH treatment. They set a goal of encouraging natural physiologic recovery, creating a device that was designed to work with the natural contraction of the uterus to rapidly stop bleeding. And so, vacuum-induced uterine tamponade was born.

A visionary team of founders gathered around the product concept and began the journey through research, development and early clinical evaluation. The young company benefited from incubating with the Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and later with the Fogarty Institute for Innovation, before moving out on its own. 

Today, Alydia Health is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Menlo Park, California, and its investigational postpartum hemorrhage device is currently being evaluated in the U.S.-based PEARLE study. Our mission is to improve safety in childbirth for all mothers.

Investors & Supporters

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The Alydia Health Team


Chief Regulatory Advisor

Clinical Research Associate

Jim Verhulst

Document Control

VP Clinical Operations

VP Quality Assurance


In-house Clinical Research Associate

Clinical Research Coordinator

VP Marketing

Jan Segnitz, MD

Medical Advisor

Office Manager

Lead Engineer

Business Development

Director of Marketing

Board of Directors and Advisors

Curt LaBelle, MD, MBA


Managing Partner, Global Health Investment Fund

Anne Morrissey


CEO, Alydia Health


President & COO,

Insulet Corp

Shacey Petrovic


Fogarty Institute for Innovation, Vice Chairman of the Board

Fred St. Goar, MD


Life Science Consultant and Venture Partner, Wildcat Venture Partners

Phyllis Whiteley, PhD

Strategic Advisor

CEO, Silk Road Medical

Erica Rogers

Strategic Advisor

General Partner, Canaan

Wende Hutton

The Founding Team

Jessie Becker


Nathan Bair